TEL/AML1 t(12;21)-ALL


This test is useful in cases of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) with a suspected TEL/AML translocation. A chimeric product is formed as a result of translocation between the the helix-loop-helix domain of TEL on chromosome 12 fused to AML-1 (RUNX1) gene on chromosome 21, the DNA-binding subunit of the AML-1/CBF beta transcription factor complex. The fused protein formed gives rise to ALL. The test can help in detection of this particular defect using FISH technique.


Flourescent in Situ Hybridization


Oncology, Clinical hematology, Medicine


Hematological Maligancy


3 days

Specimen Requirements:

Bone Marrow/Peripheral Blood in green top (Na-Heparin tube) 3-4 ml

Test Code:


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