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Pregnancy is a very special period full of joy, expectations, and anxiety. The expecting parents and their family members have several thoughts, ideas, queries, traditions, beliefs, and worries going through their minds. ‘How will my child look?’ ‘Will he or she be normal?’’Is the child growing well?’ ‘Should I opt for caesarian or normal delivery?’ There are hundreds of questions going on in the minds of expecting parents. Today, the technologies have arrived so as to be able to predict well in advance if the fetus is suffering from a specific genetic abnormality or a defect in the genes. There are thousands of genetic abnormalities and syndromes with the probabilities ranging from 1 in 200 live births to 1 in 10,000 births. It requires a team of gynecologists, fetal medicine doctors, and geneticists to proactively screening for these disorders and counsels the parents. LABASSURE presents a wide range of technologies for screening and diagnosis of various genetic disorders.

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