LABASSURE is the diagnostics arm of Advanced Genomics Institute and Laboratory Medicine. Labassure provides high quality diagnostic testing for various medical specialties such as pediatrics, gynecology, fetal medicine, obstetrics, infertility, oncology, ophthalmology, infectious disorders amongst others.

LABASSURE is accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) for Medical Testing in accordance with the ISO 15189:2012 standard. (Certificate Number M-902).

LABASSURE is registered as an organization for Provision of Genetic Diagnostic Services. (Certificate No.: 13071001)

LABASSURE – is approved by Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) for conducting COVID 19 testing. (Reg No: AGILMPLCD)

About Agile

Advanced Genomics Institute and Laboratory Medicine (AGILE) is an exclusive research organization with the vision of leveraging technology to improve life. Research at AGILE is aimed at improving the understanding of various disorders and biological phenomena and bringing the technologies from bench to bedside.

AGILE conducts research in the areas of Clinical Research, Population Studies, Technology Improvement, and Validation. AGILE’s research has led to process improvements, technologyadaptation, and cost savings in various diagnostic and therapeutic applications. AGILE has helped many commercial organizations in validating and improving their products. AGILE has been supporting individual researchers and research organizations in executing their research projects.

AGILE also offers a variety of training programs for biotechnology students, research professionals, and clinicians in the areas of cytogenetics and molecular techniques. The training includes classroom training, hands-on training, and online programs