Microarray is a DNA based technology for scanning of the entire genome using specially designed chips. These microarray chips are available in a variety of dimensions and configurations. The quality of chip used has a very significant bearing on the quality of analysis and reporting. It is like using a 3 megapixel camera vs. a 26 megapixel camera to capture an image. In a picture captured with high megapixel camera, you can be very sure about detecting an object, its size, dimensions etc., whereas if picture hazy and pixelated like from a low megapixel camera, you cannot be sure of completely ruling out the presence or absence of any object and smaller objects may not be detected at all. Similarly, when you opt for a microarray tests, you should know that not all microarrays are same. Here is a broad comparison of various microarrays available for clinical diagnostics:


KEY QUESTION to ask in case of Microarrays – Are you getting a bio-informatics/software output or a clinical interpretation. The former is generated by the computer, while the latter is done a by a clinical and certified geneticist who can perform genotype-phenotype correlation. Clinical interpretation is essential to ensure accurate reporting of the results.

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