The Harmony Advantage

There are several reasons why the Harmony NIPT/NIPS test is the most favored NIPT option amongst gynecologists, radiologists, and fetal medicine specialists.

  • Excellent Detection Rate: 99.5% detection rate for trisomy 21 in published studies
  • Highly Reviewed: highest number of publications in peer-reviewed journals
  • Lower False Positive Rate: 5 times lower false positive rate for trisomy 21 than with the rMPS method: only 0.06% instead of 0.3%
  • High Success Rate: only 1.6% of unanalysable samples, after repetition only 0.6%
  • Faster Reporting: Results within 3-5 days after the sample reaches the processing lab
  • Highly Qualified Reporting Team: The team at reporting the Harmony NIPT includes highly-qualified physicians and scientists including specialists in human genetics, laboratory medicine, and obstetrics and gynecology.