Your genetic makeup influences your metabolism, nutrient absorption and fitness levels. Each individual has a unique genetic makeup and hence has unique nutrition, diet and fitness requirements. By making suitable adjustments in your diet and lifestyle in line with your genetic makeup, you can realize better results from the same efforts. You can avoid certain risks and achieve a healthier life.

The NUTRIFIT GENETIC ANALYSIS is based on the latest scientific research in the field of genetics, nutrition, sports and dietetics. It provides practical and useful information which can help you develop a suitable meal plan, adjust your sports activities and make healthier changes in your lifestyle. This analysis will provide personalized recommendations based on your genetic analysis along with a wealth of information including reference nutrient charts for various types of foods.

The NUTRIFIT GENETIC ANALYSIS is the most comprehensive and precise nutrigenetic analysis in the global market. It includes 35 individual analysis covering over 100 genetic variations and these are chosen on the basis of reliability and proven effect.  The analysis is followed by recommendations and nutrition guidelines which are an easy reference for you.

The NUTRIFIT GENETIC ANALYSIS covers the following aspects:

NUTRITION: Adapt your nutrition to the nutritional needs of your body

The genetic makeup of an individual influences the way his or her body metabolizes the various nutrients. The way in which a body metabolizes fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals is largely dependent on our genetic makeup. Since the genetic makeup varies from person to person, each person’s body will respond differently for the same diet.  The NUTRIFIT analysis will provide answers for the following types of questions:

  • Risk for being overweight
  • Response to carbohydrates
  • Response to saturated fats
  • Diet type
  • And more….

SPORTS: Align your sports activities with your body characteristics

Your genes determine whether you need more exercises that require explosive energy or those that require greater endurance. The NUTRIFIT genetic analysis is the first step towards improving the effectiveness of your sports activities as it can highlight which sports activities and exercises are the better suited for you. Based on this analysis we can optimize your recreational activity and be alert to certain risks arising from some of the activities which may not be suited to your body makeup. This analysis will cover:

  • Muscle structure
  • Endurance training (f)
  • Achilles tendon
  • Bone density
  • Others….

LIFESTYLE: Align your lifestyle to your genetic makeup

The NUTRIFIT genetic analysis will also throw light on some important characteristics of your body with respect to biological aging, nicotine addition, alcohol metabolism, hunger etc. It will also provide personalized recommendations which can help improve your lifestyle by aligning it to your genetic makeup. This analysis will cover:

  • The requirement of vitamins
  • Biological ageing
  • The requirement of minerals
  • Oxidative stress
  • and much more …