Genes are the building block of an organism. They control and affect the functioning of the entire body. Your environment provides the external stimuli whereas your genes define your bodies’ reaction to the stimuli. By studying the genetic makeup of an individual, we can now gain very interesting and useful insights about our body makeup and how we are likely to respond to the environmental stimulus. It is this play of genes and environment which makes each of us unique and determines the differences in our growth, capabilities, performance and reactions.

‘Personal Genomics’ is a fast evolving arena where one can use the genetic analysis to identify:

  • Risks for certain disorders
  • Responsiveness to various stimulus
  • Reaction to medicines
  • Physical and mental potential
  • Allergies
  • Preferences

Knowledge about genes can reveal lot of latent possibilities and risks.  We can use this knowledge to:

  • Understand our bodies and mind better
  • Make appropriate changes in our lifestyle to improve our health
  • Take precautions and timely actions to avoid potential hazards
  • Make informed and wiser choices with respect to various areas of our lives like food, diets, exercise, medications etc.

At Labassure, we have extensively mined the latest scientific developments in genetics, biology and medicine to bring to you powerful tests: ‘Personal Genomic Analysis’ and ‘Nutrifit Analysis’ to improve your health and lifestyle.