Genomics and Molecular Biology are very exciting fields with enormous number of new developments which are increasing the applications and adoptions of these technologies in various industries. These technologies are now considered critical in diagnostics and laboratory medicine practice.

Building skills in genomic techniques requires a long time and practice under the guidance of experienced mentors.

This program is designed to give a comprehensive and hands on experience to candidates in cytogenetics and/or molecular biology technique. The participants will be able to work under the guidance of senior scientists and get hands-on experience on lab techniques and real-world data.

Participants will get to a real-life working experience of an organization and understand the various departments, processes and systems. An exposure to the quality systems, research aspects and doctor/patient interactions will further strengthen their overall maturity to work in any kind of research or diagnostic settings.

This program will be useful for anyone intending to build a career in genomics, molecular biology, diagnostics or research. Participants can aspire to take up roles within or outside the organization or pursue higher studies.

Program Coverage

Diagnostics and Research


Biochemical Genetics and Immunology

Molecular Genomics

Research and Academics



The program is structured in the form of an integrated training cum internship. The candidates will be given both theoretical and practical inputs. The theory will be presented through lectures, presentations, handouts, research papers and self-learning modules.

The participants treated as a part of the laboratory and will be assigned regular responsibilities of a regular lab personnel and scientist. They will be trained to perform various laboratory functions under the guidance of their supervisors. There performance will be evaluated periodically and feedback will be provided.


The faculty comprises of practicing scientists who have gained significant laboratory experience post competition of their Masters and/or Doctorate programs. The scientists have worked on various research projects and diagnostic assays apart from providing training and mentorship to upcoming scientists. They have many publications in reputed journals and have presented their work at national and international forums.

 Administration Charges
(on selection)
 Rs 10,000
 Training Fees  Rs 60,000 (in case of no sponsorship or scholarship)
 Scholarship Candidates may be offered upto 100% scholarship based on their performance in the interview
 Stipend No stipend will be offered for the first six months. The participant will be offered a stipend of minimum Rs 5,000 per month after initial 6-months of training subject to participant’s performance and recommendation from supervisor.
Security Deposit Selected candidates will be required to maintain a security deposit of Rs 5,000 at the time of joining. If the candidates fails to complete the tenure of 1 year, the candidate will be required to refund any stipend paid to him/her and forfeit the security deposit.
 Eligibility Graduates/Postgraduate students (any stream of life science).Interested candidates can email their CV on info@labassure.com
 Selection Selection of candidates will be based on personal/telephonic interview