Aneuploidy 18,X,Y


Aneuploidy or abnormal chromosome number could result in several genetic disorders such as edward syndrome in which there is presence of extra copy of chromosome 18. Sex chromosome aneuploidies or the individuals with abnormal numbers of sex chromosomes are also commonly known genetic defects. This test helps in detection of particularly the Edward syndrome (Trisomy 18) as well as the genetic disorders caused by the occurence of abnormal number of sex chromosomes.


Flourescent in Situ Hybridization


Gynecology, Fetal Medicine, IVF


Abormal Maternal Serum Screening, Ultrasound Abnormalities, Nuchal Translucency, Previous child with genetic abnormality


5 days

Specimen Requirements:

25-20 ml of Amniotic Fluid OR,br> 15-20mg of CVS tissue in sterile tube with rinse media/normal saline

Test Code:

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